Best Time To Fish

Al and James Lindner love to fish and spend every free moment on the water. So when is the best time to fish? These boys have the answer! 

Reading Water Conditions For River Smallmouth

Being able to read river conditions is critical to finding river smallmouth. In this show, as the water levels begin to drop and the water starts to clear, Al and James Lindner adjust accordingly to track down smallmouth bass.

Tokyo Rigging Today

Not only does Tokyo rigging have a phenomenal hooking percentage, but the design is the best for penetrating deep and dense cover. Watch Al and James Lindner spend the day catching deepwater largemouth bass. 

Finesse Factors For Summer Smallmouths

Finesse fishing is an excellent option for catching summer smallmouths staging in their late summer haunts. Watch James Lindner and Jeff Simpson use a variety of finesse tactics to catch big smallies. 

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