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Expect a Good Report

By Unknown Unknow on August 3, 2015   0 Comment   Inspiration   , , ,

I remember the moment I received “the phone call” from my wife Mary. It was a Friday night in July 1997, and I was alone in my motel room. I had been fishing the Canadian Bass Championship on Rainy Lake.   “Al,” she spoke slowly, “ the mammogram I took on Wednesday showed a lump on my breast. The doc...

Mary Lindner’s Big Challenge

By Unknown Unknow on August 2, 2015   0 Comment   Inspiration   ,

All of us have challenges as we go through life. The question is how do we deal with them? The immediate crisis always seems to be the most overwhelming. In 1997 my mammogram came back questionable. The doctor recommended surgery in four days. Each time I saw him I would say, “I’m expecting a good report!” &nbs...

The First Real Challenge

By Unknown Unknow on August 1, 2015   0 Comment   Inspiration   ,

When I first wrote “Mary Lindner’s Big Challenge,” I prefaced it with a small mention of my breast cancer. I was focused on sharing my recent open-heart surgery, not breast cancer.   Hindsight showed me that breast cancer is not a “small mention” thing and that I needed to share more.   I co...