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Like all of the media crew, fishing was always part of what Rich did growing up in the lakes area of Champlin, Minnesota. He has fond memories of almost every family vacation revolving around fishing.

In 1982, Rich went off to college beginning his studies in fisheries and wildlife management. He spent summers as a camp counselor at the Lindner’s Camp Fish in Walker, Minnesota.

After having watched a few episodes of In-Fisherman on T.V. he switched gears to study video production. In a case of amazing serendipity, the Lindners purchased Camp Fish and at the same time they were making the transition from shooting the In-Fisherman television series on film to shooting it on video. It was the classic example of being at the right place at the right time!

At that time, In-Fisherman had been looking for shooters/editors that deeply understood fishing. In 1986, Rich started full time with In-Fisherman Network. In 2003, Rich rejoined the Lindners to shoot and edit the Angling Edge fishing show. He also produced the Gander Mountain Bass Tournament shows, and later worked on the FLW Bass Tournament series TV show.

Currently, Rich is the executive producer and editor of Brunswick/Lund Boat’s “The Ultimate Fishing Experience” show. This is a thirteen-week series hosted by Lund’s pro-staff. The show highlights some incredible fishing destinations while pursuing a wide variety of North America’s freshwater game fish.