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Ruth handles the show and commercial delivery for Lindner Media Productions. She is also responsible for merchandising and much of the day-to-day office needs.

Ruth considers herself a fair weather fisherwoman (compared to the rest of the staff), as she loves to be out on the boat enjoying the scenery as much as the fishing. She and her husband, Chuck get away to their cabin in Ontario for several weeks in the summer to enjoy fishing, relaxing, family and friends. She is also an avid walker and bicyclist and who loves to ride to work whenever the weather permits (as low as 30 degrees if there is no wind).

Ruth graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Business Administration. She has worked for Fingerhut, CVN Companies, Lifetouch, Academic Business Advisors and ClassLink. She continues to consult for educational technology companies in her free time and is a 12 –year member of the Brainerd School Board.