Rapala OG Slim 6

by Jeff Simpson

The Rapala OG Slim 6 originated from wood shavings and sketches, sawdust and dreams.

“OG stands for ‘Ott’s Garage,’” explained Ott DeFoe, a Rapala Pro. “This bait is something I designed in my garage. There’s a lot of tinkerers in this part of the country,” said DeFoe, a rural Knoxville, Tenn., native. I’m really no different, as far as that aspect goes. I love altering a bait. I love building baits out of balsa wood. I’ve done it since I was just a wee little fella.”

A non-rattling, easy-casting crankbait that swims with a medium wobble and tight side-to-side action, the Rapala® OG Slim 6 sports a lightweight, circuit-board lip. The lure dives to six feet when fished on 12-pound-test line – hence the “6” in its name. Although OG Slim 6’s name derives from its thin flat-sided profile, its balsa-wood construction gives it a live-minnow action that’s nearly unmatched. The ultra-thin circuit-board lip delivers the right action and attitude no matter how you fish it, triggering bites from big bass and other gamefish.

Another key detail DeFoe designed into the OG Slim 6 is the line-tie placement in the bait’s nose.“You want the line-tie up there to keep the action tight,” he explained. “It makes the bait more natural, more subtle.”

The OG Slim 6 is armed with two No. 3 VMC black-nickel, 1X-strong, short-shank Hybrid Treble Hooks. The lure is available in 14 color patterns: Big Shad, Chartreuse Rootbeer Crawdad, Citrus Shad, Crawdad, Dark Brown Crawdad, Green Gizzard Shad, Helsinki Shad, Mossy Chartreuse Crawdad, Perch, Red Crawdad, Live River Shad, Rootbeer Crawdad, and Silver Shad. Retail: $9.99.



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