Portage Fishing Walleyes

James and Troy Lindner portage into a remote Northwest Ontario lake, discovering adventure, walleyes, and smallmouth bass at every turn.
cranking walleye

Cranking Walleye

Cranking walleye is without question and has proven to be one of the top producing ways to catch lots of fish. However, there's no denying that...
hair jig

Hair Jig Revival

During our early days of guiding in the 1960s, my brother Ron and I began writing articles for Fishing Facts magazine. At that time, a hair jig...
Walleye Today

Walleye Fishing Today

Al and Dan Lindner shed light on Aquatic Invasive Species, the status of walleye fishing today, and reaction bait tactics.
LAE Show 2 2022

High-Speed Walleye Tactics

Rapala Jigging Raps and jigs rigged with soft plastics have proven to some of the best high-speed walleye tactics bait options for walleyes. Watch Jeremy Smith and Ty Sjodin cover lots of water to catch loads of walleyes using the new popular color options.

Best Presentations for Early Season Fishing

Up North, avid anglers are eager for open water early season fishing. It’s been almost five months since we stored the boat away. Between the end of...
Lipless Crankbaits

Vertical Jigging Lipless Crankbaits for Walleyes

Al and Dan Lindner vertically jig vibrating crankbaits for deep-water walleyes in a fertile natural lake in western Minnesota. They rely upon speed...
River Walleyes

Catching River Walleyes

By this time of year, even the most die-hard ice anglers may be itching to get the boat out. Even while many lakes remain frozen in the northern...

Rushing River Walleye

James and Troy Lindner chase plus-sized Canadian walleyes in Northwest Ontario’s Rushing River Watershed, an annual fishing trip destination for...

Fishing Prairie Lake Walleye

The prairie lakes of South Dakota host some of the best walleye action in the midwest. On today's show, Al Lindner and Jeff Simpson are in South...




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