Down Deep 'Eyes

Down Deep Walleyes

James Lindner and Mike Hehner demonstrate tactics for deep-water walleyes, including precise depth-control via lead core and a match-the-hatch...
Tokyo Rigging Walleye

Tokyo Rigging Walleye

Tokyo Rigging Walleye is the real thing. To catch freshwater and saltwater fish consistently, you have to understand your target species' nature,...
Bouncing Up Walleye

Bottom Bouncing Walleye

Fishing Shebandowan lake in northwest Ontario. The perfect place to bounce up and spin precious walleye gold.
Offshore Trolling

Offshore Trolling for Trophy Walleyes and Muskies

A month or so after the spawn is done, big walleyes and muskies sometimes get hard to find on classic structures. The shallow bite fades and deep...

Coldwater Fall Walleyes on Plastics

Al Lindner and Ty Sjodin brave the cold temps and high winds of fall to catch big walleyes on artificials.
Snap Jigging Walleye

Snap Jigging Walleye Set Up (Rod-Reel-Line) Al Lindner shows the gear he likes to use when snap jigging for walleye.

Walleye Jerkbait Fishing: Rapala RipStop Deep

Video: James and Al Lindner show how to use jerkbaits, like the Rapala RipStop Deep, to catch walleye. Jerkbait fishing like this for walleye is...
transitional walleye

Transitional Walleye

Jeremy Smith and Pete Przeporia hunt down walleye in transition from shallow to deep while fishing out of Aiken’s Lake Lodge in Manitoba.

Walleyes on Winnibigoshish

Al Lindner and guide Tom Neustrom employ “bread and butter” walleye techniques for consistent action on Minnesota’s Lake Winnibigoshish, a...

Top-Pick Presentations for Early Season

Up North, avid anglers are eager for open-water fishing. It’s been almost five months since we stored the boat away. Between the end of ice fishing...




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