Early Spring Walleye

Early Spring Walleye

James and Troy Lindner cover time-saving techniques to tap more post-spawn walleyes.

New Mexico Walleye Fishing

Al and Troy Lindner fish walleyes in the sunlight zone on Ute Reservoir, New Mexico. Jigging tactics intercept postspawn fish moving from spawning...
Down Deep 'Eyes

Down Deep Walleyes

James Lindner and Mike Hehner demonstrate tactics for deep-water walleyes, including precise depth-control via lead core and a match-the-hatch...
Big Water Walleye

Big Water Walleye

Cutting big lakes down to size for giant walleyes.

Transitional Walleye

Jeremy Smith and Pete Przeporia hunt down walleye in transition from shallow to deep while fishing out of Aiken’s Lake Lodge in Manitoba.

Walleyes on Winnibigoshish

Al Lindner and guide Tom Neustrom employ “bread and butter” walleye techniques for consistent action on Minnesota’s Lake Winnibigoshish, a...
Lipless Crankbaits

Vertical Jigging Lipless Crankbaits for Walleyes

Al and Dan Lindner vertically jig vibrating crankbaits for deep-water walleyes in a fertile natural lake in western Minnesota. They rely upon speed...
Bouncing Up Walleye

Bottom Bouncing Walleye

Fishing Shebandowan lake in northwest Ontario. The perfect place to bounce up and spin precious walleye gold.

Portage Fishing Walleyes

James and Troy Lindner portage into a remote Northwest Ontario lake, discovering adventure, walleyes, and smallmouth bass at every turn.

Structure Fishing Walleye

Power fishing tactics for catching mobile walleyes. Use aggressive tactics to locate and trigger active biters. Run and gun for active bitting...




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