Bobber Fishing Walleye

Bobber Fishing Walleye: Power Corkin’

Bobber Fishing Walleye Video: Nick and James Lindner hit a large natural lake and use an aggressive spin on bobber fishing walleye tactic called...

Structure Fishing Walleye

Power fishing tactics for catching mobile walleyes. Use aggressive tactics to locate and trigger active biters. Run and gun for active bitting...

Ghost River Walleye

James and Nick Lindner head north to Ghost River in northwest Ontario, where plentiful walleyes provide dependable action and delicious shore...

Top-Pick Presentations for Early Season

Up North, avid anglers are eager for open-water fishing. It’s been almost five months since we stored the boat away. Between the end of ice fishing...

Swimbait Magic Once gamefish complete their spring spawning, it’s time to eat and grow. That urge tends to make summer fishing...

Coldwater Fall Walleyes on Plastics

Al Lindner and Ty Sjodin brave the cold temps and high winds of fall to catch big walleyes on artificials.
cranking walleye

Cranking Walleye

Cranking walleye is without question and has proven to be one of the top producing ways to catch lots of fish. However, there's no denying that...
Vermilion Walleye

Vermilion Walleye

Walleye fishing on Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota. Jigging Rapalas are classic ice fishing lures applied to open water.

New Mexico Walleye Fishing

Al and Troy Lindner fish walleyes in the sunlight zone on Ute Reservoir, New Mexico. Jigging tactics intercept postspawn fish moving from spawning...
Big Water Walleye

Big Water Walleye

Cutting big lakes down to size for giant walleyes.




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