cranking walleye

Cranking Walleye

Cranking walleye is without question and has proven to be one of the top producing ways to catch lots of fish. However, there's no denying that...

Coldwater Fall Walleyes on Plastics

Al Lindner and Ty Sjodin brave the cold temps and high winds of fall to catch big walleyes on artificials.

Forage Factor Walleye

Al and James Lindner share their program for catching more walleyes on the entire year, including how to locate bottom transition areas loaded with...
Scanning For Shallow Walleye

Scanning For Shallow Walleye

Today’s electronics, like Side Images and MegaLIVE, makes scanning for shallow walleye unbelievably easier than in the history of fishing.


New Mexico Walleye Fishing

Al and Troy Lindner fish walleyes in the sunlight zone on Ute Reservoir, New Mexico. Jigging tactics intercept postspawn fish moving from spawning...

Ghost River Walleye

James and Nick Lindner head north to Ghost River in northwest Ontario, where plentiful walleyes provide dependable action and delicious shore...

Rushing River Walleye

James and Troy Lindner chase plus-sized Canadian walleyes in Northwest Ontario’s Rushing River Watershed, an annual fishing trip destination for...
transitional walleye

Transitional Walleye

Jeremy Smith and Pete Przeporia hunt down walleye in transition from shallow to deep while fishing out of Aiken’s Lake Lodge in Manitoba.
Walleyes In Tough Conditions

Walleyes In Tough Conditions

James Lindner and Jeremy Smith show you how to catch walleyes even when you’re dealt a challenging hand — walleyes in tough conditions. 

Bouncing Up Walleye

Bottom Bouncing Walleye

Fishing Shebandowan lake in northwest Ontario. The perfect place to bounce up and spin precious walleye gold.




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