Eagle Lake Musky

Eagle Lake Musky

Tackling giant muskies on Eagle Lake in northwest Ontario. How to cover water and convert follows into fish on the line.
Suspended Musky

Suspended Musky

Catching suspended musky in the middle of nowhere is legitimate and logical place to start fishing using today's electronics. ...
Fishing Pressured Muskies

Fishing Pressured Muskies

https://youtu.be/ZDeztaffiA0 Muskies are unquestionably one of the top bucket list gamefish in North America. Interestingly, even on good water at...
Open Water Musky Trolling copy

Open Water Musky Trolling

Jeremy Smith and Doug Wagner target the mighty musky using open water musky trolling tactics to intercept and catch these beasts.


Jeremy Smith’s Favorite Musky Reels

Musky guru Jeremy Smith talks about his favorite musky reels for catching the freshwater monsters named muskies.


Wabigoon Pike And Musky

Efficient coverage methods for early-summer Wabigoon Pike And Musky. Take the time when you are fishing new water to identify likely pike and musky...

Structure Fishing Musky

Jim Lindner and Jeremy Smith go on the hunt for big muskies utilizing a combination of today’s electronics and no-nonsense presentations.
pike harvest

Promoting Pike Harvest

The problem of hammer-handle pike has plagued anglers for decades. These 1- to 3-pounders bite off lure and livebait rigs, upping tackle costs while...

Trolling Musky

Fall trolling for muskies on Lake of the Woods in northwest Ontario. Maintain large lures in the fish zone.
Canadian Musky

Canadian Musky

High-percentage musky methods for large Canadian waters.


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