The Muskies of Lac Seul

Jeremy Smith and Pete Przepiora chase early-fall muskies from a houseboat on Ontario’s famed Lac Seul.
New Mexico Musky

New Mexico Musky

Bypassed musky opportunities off the beaten path. Fisheries departments often stock Tigers to help control unwanted populations of white suckers...
trophy pike

Trophy Pike

Jeremy Smith and Mike Hehner hunt trophy pike out of Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge and Outposts in Northern Manitoba.

Suspended Musky

James Lindner and Josh Borovosky chase mysterious early-season musky, matching the right presentations to suspended, deep-water fish on Minnesota’s...
Eagle Lake Musky

Eagle Lake Musky

Tackling giant muskies on Eagle Lake in northwest Ontario. How to cover water and convert follows into fish on the line.

Wabigoon Pike And Musky

Efficient coverage methods for early-summer Wabigoon Pike And Musky. Take the time when you are fishing new water to identify likely pike and musky...
Lac Seul

The Legendary Lac Seul

Jeremy Smith and Rich Belanger chase an epic walleye, pike, and muskie bite out of Ontario’s Moosehorn Lodge.
mental for musky

Goin’ Mental for Musky

Jeremy Smith and Luke Ronnestrand chase late-summer muskies with wildcard presentations on Minnesota’s Lake Vermilion.
Canadian Musky

Canadian Musky

High-percentage musky methods for large Canadian waters.
Live Bait Musky

Live Bait Musky

James Lindner, Nick Lindner and Jeremy Smith explore different live bait tactics for musky in both rivers and lakes.


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