pike harvest

Promoting Pike Harvest

The problem of hammer-handle pike has plagued anglers for decades. These 1- to 3-pounders bite off lure and livebait rigs, upping tackle costs while...

Top Water Musky

Frenzied surface lures trigger musky madness.

Trolling Musky

Fall trolling for muskies on Lake of the Woods in northwest Ontario. Maintain large lures in the fish zone.

Northern Saskatchewan Showdown

Jeremy Smith and Nick Lindner travel to Lawrence Bay Lodge in northern Saskatchewan to fish pike and lake trout on famous Reindeer Lake.
Offshore Trolling

Offshore Trolling for Trophy Walleyes and Muskies

A month or so after the spawn is done, big walleyes and muskies sometimes get hard to find on classic structures. The shallow bite fades and deep...
trophy pike

Trophy Pike

Trophy pike are fascinating creatures. Like sea monsters of the deep—only real—they push anglers to extreme destinations and tactics in search of...
Eagle Lake Musky

Eagle Lake Musky

Tackling giant muskies on Eagle Lake in northwest Ontario. How to cover water and convert follows into fish on the line.
Open Water Musky Trolling copy

Open Water Musky Trolling

Jeremy Smith and Doug Wagner target the mighty musky using open water musky trolling tactics to intercept and catch these beasts.

Lac Seul

The Muskies of Lac Seul

Jeremy Smith and Pete Przepiora chase early-fall muskies from a houseboat on Ontario’s famed Lac Seul.
Rapala Super Shad Rap

Rapala Super Shad Rap for Musky Fishing

https://youtu.be/q9GuzWceIfU The Rapala Super Shad Rap for musky is a very effective bait all season long. Anglers often think big baits for musky,...


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