managing muskies

Managing Muskies

  Muskies are, without doubt, the most prized freshwater sportfish. Historically, catching just one has been a badge of honor, and expert...
New Mexico Musky

New Mexico Musky

Bypassed musky opportunities off the beaten path. Fisheries departments often stock Tigers to help control unwanted populations of white suckers...
Suspended Musky

Suspended Musky

Catching suspended musky in the middle of nowhere is legitimate and logical place to start fishing using today's electronics. ...
mental for musky

Goin’ Mental for Musky

Jeremy Smith and Luke Ronnestrand chase late-summer muskies with wildcard presentations on Minnesota’s Lake Vermilion.
Canadian Musky

Canadian Musky

High-percentage musky methods for large Canadian waters.
trophy pike

Trophy Pike

Trophy pike are fascinating creatures. Like sea monsters of the deep—only real—they push anglers to extreme destinations and tactics in search of...

Trolling Musky

Fall trolling for muskies on Lake of the Woods in northwest Ontario. Maintain large lures in the fish zone.

Top Water Musky

Frenzied surface lures trigger musky madness.
Offshore Trolling

Offshore Trolling for Trophy Walleyes and Muskies

A month or so after the spawn is done, big walleyes and muskies sometimes get hard to find on classic structures. The shallow bite fades and deep...
Fishing Pressured Muskies

Fishing Pressured Muskies Muskies are unquestionably one of the top bucket list gamefish in North America. Interestingly, even on good water at...


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