Red River Catfishing

James Lindner and Mike Hehner go Red River Catfishing and catch giant channel catfish using proven tactics in seasonal locations. 

River Mapping With Humminbird Auto Chart LIVE!

A great feature of a Humminbird Helix for unmapped waters live is using Humminbird’s AutoChart Live to create contours when river mapping.

Summer River Channel Catfish Gear (Rod-Reel-Line) + a Razorback

VIDEO: Having the right setup and gear for channel catfish is important to help catch them out of current and cover. James and Nick are out on the...

10 Best Catfish Baits of All-Time

When you talk with catfish anglers across the country about the best catfish baits, you recognize the many types of natural and unnatural things...

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Cajun Catfish

Cajun Catfish

Servings 8Ready In: 15 minDifficulty: MediumGood...

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