river catfish

River Catfish

Drifting and trolling tactics for big-river catfish.
Spring Catfishing

Spring Catfishing

Al, James, and Nick Lindner disclose river catfishing techniques sure to put pounds of pot-bellied channel cats in the boat!
Untapped Catfish

Untapped Catfish

Al and James Lindner target channel catfish in high-water river conditions with the latest in electronics and old-school cut-bait presentations.
Modern Catfishing

Modern Catfishing

Jeremy Smith and Dave Csanda mix old school and new school catfishing techniques to put countless pounds of pot-bellied channel cats in the boat!

Catfishing Today

Dave Csanda and Jeremy Smith employ advanced electronics to locate and catch huge channel catfish on the Red River between Minnesota and North...
10 Best Catfish Bait

10 Best Catfish Baits of All-Time

When you talk with catfish anglers across the country about the best catfish baits, you recognize the many types of natural and unnatural things...






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