The Best Rod-Reel-Line-Lure for Crappie Fishing Combo

VIDEO: Jeremy Smith talks about balancing your rod-reel-line-lure to create the best crappie fishing combo. Investing in a great panfish rod and...

Summertime Crappies

Jeremy Smith and Dan Lindner demonstrate how finding and catching magnum-sized mid-summer crappies can be easier than you think.
Power Fishing Rapala Slab Rap

Power Fishing The Rapala Slab Rap: Mid Summer Crappie

VIDEO: Jeremy Smith and Dan Lindner show how to power fish with the Rapala Slab Rap to catch more crappie this season. Power fishing for crappie...

Ice Fishing Breakthroughs

It’s remarkable to look back and see how dramatically and how quickly ice fishing has changed. Years ago, a “depth finder” was that painted lead...

Artificial Baits for Crappie

Fishing the deep weededges for summer crappies. Jigs and micro crankbaits target different depth ranges.
Drop-Shot Bluegills

Drop-Shot Bluegills

High-tech electronics and drop-shot rigs put Dan Lindner, Jeremy Smith, and panfish expert Casey Ehlert on trophy-class bluegills.

Panfish 101

VIDEO: Jeremy Smith and Matt Parker go on the prowl for monstrous early-season bluegills and crappies in transition from deep to shallow....
What Is A Panfish

What Is A Panfish?

Anglers use the word PANFISH to categorize smaller-sized freshwater fish—sunfish (bluegills, pumpkinseeds), crappies, yellow perch, rock bass, and...
early season crappie

Early Season Crappie When it comes to early season crappie opportunities, watching bobbers disappear and thoughts of a fantastic meal never...
Sight Fishing Crappie

Sight Fishing Crappie

Sight Fishing Crappie Video: Jeremy Smith and Ty Sjodin search springtime shallows for magnum-sized crappies, hitting pay dirt with 10-foot rods and...






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