Summertime Crappie Fishing

Most people chase crappies in the springtime. Al and Dan Lindner show you how to catch them in the heat of the summer.
Power Fishing Rapala Slab Rap

Power Fishing The Rapala Slab Rap: Mid Summer Crappie

VIDEO: Jeremy Smith and Dan Lindner show how to power fish with the Rapala Slab Rap to catch more crappie this season. Power fishing for crappie...
Crappie Lures

Killer Crappie Lures

What are the best crappie lures? Crappie anglers are sometimes divided into three groups. First, some folks fish artificial baits only; and some use...
Finding Summer Crappies

Finding Summer Crappies: Humminbird MEGA Imaging

Finding summer crappies video: Crappies are a fun fighting fish and taste at the dinner table, and finding them during the summer can made easier...

Finding Winter Crappies

The process of finding winter crappies can be intimidating when you look out on a frozen lake and pick an area to fish. Today, enhanced digital...

Finding Summer Bluegills

Jeremy Smith and Dan Lindner roll up their sleeves for a seek and destroy mission to find big summer bluegills.

Ice Fishing Breakthroughs

It’s remarkable to look back and see how dramatically and how quickly ice fishing has changed. Years ago, a “depth finder” was that painted lead...
Bluegills and Sunfish

Are Bluegills and Sunfish The Same Fish?

  Are bluegills and sunfish the same? Well, that depends! The popular names of our favorite fish species often cause confusion. For example,...

Artificial Crappie

You don’t need livebait to catch slab crappies.
What Is A Panfish

What Is A Panfish?

Anglers use the word PANFISH to categorize smaller-sized freshwater fish—sunfish (bluegills, pumpkinseeds), crappies, yellow perch, rock bass, and...






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