Three-Way Rigging Crappies

Three-Way Rigging Crappies

Dan and Al Lindner go slow-trolling crankbaits for deep-water crappies.

Summertime Crappie Fishing

Most people chase crappies in the springtime. Al and Dan Lindner show you how to catch them in the heat of the summer.

Bobber Fishing Crappies

Jeremy Smith and Matt Parker chase springtime crappies with various jig and float combinations and shed light on panfish conservation.
Drop-Shot Bluegills

Drop-Shot Bluegills

High-tech electronics and drop-shot rigs put Dan Lindner, Jeremy Smith, and panfish expert Casey Ehlert on trophy-class bluegills.

Finding Summer ‘Gills

Jeremy Smith and Dan Lindner roll up their sleeves for a seek and destroy mission to find big summer bluegills.

Artificial Baits for Crappie

Fishing the deep weededges for summer crappies. Jigs and micro crankbaits target different depth ranges.

Summertime Crappies

Jeremy Smith and Dan Lindner demonstrate how finding and catching magnum-sized mid-summer crappies can be easier than you think.
Doodle Sockin' Crappie

Doodle Socking Crappie

Jeremy Smith and Ty Sjodin search springtime shallows for magnum-sized crappies, hitting pay dirt with 10-foot rods and a technique called Doodle...

Panfish 101

Jeremy Smith and Matt Parker go on the prowl for monstrous early-season bluegills and crappies in transition from deep to shallow.

Artificial Crappie

You don’t need livebait to catch slab crappies.






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