Night Crappies

Wintertime Night Crappies

Wintertime night crappies can be puzzling, since they may follow several different movement and locational patterns throughout the frozen-water...

Summertime Crappies

Jeremy Smith and Dan Lindner demonstrate how finding and catching magnum-sized mid-summer crappies can be easier than you think.

Artificial Baits for Crappie

Fishing the deep weededges for summer crappies. Jigs and micro crankbaits target different depth ranges.

Summertime Crappie Fishing

Most people chase crappies in the springtime. Al and Dan Lindner show you how to catch them in the heat of the summer.
Drop Shot

The Drop Shot — Multispecies Magic

Though the drop-shot rig has been popular among expert bass anglers for many years, I still talk to anglers who haven’t tried it, especially those...

Swimbait Magic Once gamefish complete their spring spawning, it’s time to eat and grow. That urge tends to make summer fishing...
Three-Way Rigging Crappies

Three-Way Rigging Crappies

Dan and Al Lindner go slow-trolling crankbaits for deep-water crappies.
Toppin' Gills

Topwater Bluegills

Dan Lindner, Jeremy Smith, and panfish expert Casey Ehlert combine high-tech electronics and topwater presentations to find and catch trophy-class...

Ice Fishing Breakthroughs

It’s remarkable to look back and see how dramatically and how quickly ice fishing has changed. Years ago, a “depth finder” was that painted lead...
Drop-Shot Bluegills

Drop-Shot Bluegills

High-tech electronics and drop-shot rigs put Dan Lindner, Jeremy Smith, and panfish expert Casey Ehlert on trophy-class bluegills.






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