The Best Rod-Reel-Line-Lure for Crappie Fishing Combo

with Jeff Simpson

VIDEO: Jeremy Smith talks about balancing your rod-reel-line-lure to create the best crappie fishing combo.

Investing in a great panfish rod and real combo —teamed with a well balanced real and any of today’s top-performing fishing lines — is not only going to enable you to catch more fish, but it will also make you a better angler. Investing in a top-notch panfish combo is going to make fishing a lot more fun.

We recommend buying a St. Croix Panfish Series or Legend Elite Panfish Rod. The Legend Elite Panfish Series features five spinning rods, each designed for extreme sensitivity to detect even the subtlest of strikes, with the lengths and actions needed to deliver lighter baits and lures, and the strength and durability required to manage larger predator fish.

We use Diawa Spinning Reels, like the Fuego LT, Kate LT, or Ballistic LT to name a few. , Fuego LT Spinning Reel. These spinning Rees are state of the art reels that are dependable, lighter, tougher and affordable.

Crappie Fishing Combo

Sufix Nanofilament Braid is the ultimate line for panfishing. Sufix NanoBraid® is built with a wide-angle braiding technology that creates higher tension on the braiding process resulting in a tight weave and super strong, silky smooth line.

It’s the first braided fishing line engineered specifically for finesse and light line fishing techniques made with 100-percent Dyneema fibers. The line offers a tighter weave and enhanced abrasion resistance through the use of wide-angle braiding technology. And unlike other micro diameter braids nano braid offers incredible non-stretch and longer and more accurate cast than you ever thought possible Suffolk’s nano braid super-strong ultra-thin silky smooth.

• Three times stronger than other lines in the category
• Tight weave
• Super strong
• Silky smooth abrasion resistance
• Superior knot and shock strength
• Extremely sensitive

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