Junk Fishing Bass

Junk Fishing Bass

James Lindner and Jeremy Smith break out the bass gear for an early-summer run on a Midwestern natural lake and find epic bites in shallow-water junk.
Cold Water Largemouth

Cold Water Largemouth

During the spring cold water period, it’s the beginning of spawning activity. While in the Fall, the cooling water is a signal for bass to begin...
topwater smallmouth bass

Topwater Smallmouth Bass

Al and Dan Lindner travel to the remote wilderness waters of Marmion Lake in northwest Ontario, where smallmouth bass are big, feisty and plentiful....
Largemouth Bass Electronics

Largemouth Bass Electronics

Angling electronics enhance bass fishing success.

Chilly Largemouth

Al and James Lindner divulge high-probability locations and a trio of proven presentations for more big late-fall largemouth bass.

Heavy Cover Bass

James Lindner and Jeremy Smith go toe-to-toe with the good, bad, and ugly of heavy cover bass.
Dog Lake

Dog Lake Smallies

Al and Dan Lindner pursue early-season smallmouth bass on one of Ontario’s top waters – Dog Lake in Superior Country.
smallmouth bass

Understanding Smallmouth Bass

From tactics to biology, Al Lindner and Jeremy Smith take a closer look at one of America’s favorite fish, the smallmouth bass.
Deep-Water Largemouth

Deep Water Largemouth

Fishing deep rock and rubble areas for largemouth bass. Jigs and crankbaits produce big bass without snagging.

Scatter Rap Largemouth

Erratic crankbait action drives big bass wild.


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