Cold Water Largemouth

Cold Water Largemouth

During the spring cold water period, it’s the beginning of spawning activity. While in the Fall, the cooling water is a signal for bass to begin...

Tokyo Rig: Terrific New Option for Bass

Bass fishing often is all about rigging: Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Wacky Rig, Ned Rig, and more. But when I first saw VMC’s new “Tokyo Rig” in 2018,...
Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu Smallmouth Bass

Cold-Water jigging for Colorado River bass.

Swimbait Bass

James Lindner and Jeremy Smith talk swimbaits and how effective they can be for early season largemouth bass.
Spring Largemouth

Spring Largemouth

Viewers get an up close and personal look at how Al Lindner dissects a new bass lake and his “must-have” tackle picks for transitional, pre-spawn...
River Smallmouth Bass

River Smallmouth Bass

VIDEO: Al and Dan Lindner chase chunky mid-summer river smallmouth bass in a Midwestern river and discover loads of fun! River Run Smallies What...
Great Lakes Smallmouth Bass

Great Lakes Smallmouth Bass Bonanza

Surveys show that bass hold the top spot in the hearts of American anglers from coast to coast. A look at the shelves at most major fishing tackle...

Big Slop Bass

Catching giant bass in the slop. It takes the right gear coupled with a no-holds-barred mentality to weed ‘em out.

More Kids Turning to Fishing

For decades, fishing industry insiders, tackle manufacturers, media outlets, and fishery managers have been hoping to get more kids outdoors and...


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