Deep Weed Largemouth Bass

Al and Troy Lindner ply the deep weedline of a natural lake for largemouth bass during midsummer. Texas-rigged, large soft plastics and West...
skinny water

Skinny Water Bass

VIDEO: Al and James Lindner break out the bass gear for an epic shallow-water largemouth bass run on a Midwestern natural lake. Some of the most fun...
In-Seine Smallmouth Bass Early

In-Seine Smallmouth Bass Early

Targeting smallmouth bass early in the season is top priority for many anglers. Whether you call smallmouth bass smallies, bronzebacks, or brown...
Jiggin’ Up Largemouth

Jigging Up Largemouth

Subtle jigging tactics tempt reluctant bass.
Mohave Smallies

Lake Mohave Smallmouth Bass

Al and Troy Lindner fish the crystal clear waters of Lake Mohave, Arizona for smallmouth bass, where habitat restoration has caused smallie...
Prespawn Largemouth

Prespawn Largemouth

With weather conditions stabilizing following a turbulent spring, largemouth bass are moving shallow in earnest, feeding aggressively prior to...
Slaying Smallmouth on Topwater

Topwater Smallmouth Bass

James and Nick Lindner light the fuse to explosive topwater action on the country’s top trophy smallmouth bass waters, Minnesota’s Mille Lacs...

Largemouth Bass In Clear Water

Tackling largemouth bass in clear water has it's challenges, however, it can also be as simple as fefining tactics to eliminate any negative cues.

Going Small for Smallmouth

James Lindner travels to crystal clear waters of Lake Michigan to chase monster smallmouth bass with Sportfish Michigan’s Capt. Ron Dohm Jr.
Crankbait Largemouth

Crankbait Largemouth

Despite difficult early-season conditions, Al Lindner and Jeremy Smith call up quality largemouth bass with winning crankbait techniques.


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