Jiggin’ Up Largemouth

Jigging Up Largemouth

Subtle jigging tactics tempt reluctant bass.
Dockin' Largemouth

Dock Fishing Largemouth Bass

James Lindner and Kyle Peterson spend a day on the water pitchin' docks for big largemouth bass. On sunny days, you'll have things made in the shade...
top presentations for Early Season

Top Presentations for Early Season

Top Presentations for Early Season Up North, avid anglers are eager for open-water fishing. It’s been almost five months since we stored the boat...
Searching for Smallies

Searching for Smallmouth Bass

Fishing Marmion Lake in northwest Ontario for smallmouth bass. Fast-moving lures cover water and trigger strikes.

Swim Baits for Smallmouth Bass

James Lindner and Jeremy Smith fish the outer edges of shallow humps for early prespawn smallmouths that have yet to penetrate the shallows....

Going Small for Smallmouth

James Lindner travels to crystal clear waters of Lake Michigan to chase monster smallmouth bass with Sportfish Michigan’s Capt. Ron Dohm Jr.
Postspawn Smallies

Postspawn Smallmouth Bass

Fishing for postspawn smallmouth bass. Subtle lures and swimming retrieves match the depth and mood of smallies on the move.
Finesse Tactics for Bass

Finesse Tactics for Bass

James and Troy Lindner probe weedlines with various finesse tactics, including the venerable jig worm and new techniques like the Neko rig, often...
Fall Smallmouth

Fall Smallmouth

Fall smallmouth bass fishing is almost always dynamite. In fact, if I had to pick one month out of the year to fish for smallmouth bass I would...

Hair Jigging Bass

Hair Jigs have made a huge comeback in recent times, and they work for a variety of fish. On today’s show, Legendary Al Lindner and his son Troy deploy hair jigs to catch bass in the shallows.


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