OG Largemouth

https://youtu.be/pQ7xWUJkD4g Have you ever thought about who invented a specific lure or how a fishing technique evolved? For instance, Lori Rapala...
Our Best Bass Lures of All-Time

Our Best Bass Lures of All-Time

Each year there seems to be more buzz around bass fishing, even as popular as the species have been for many years. Bass are the people’s fish and...
Finesse Tactics for Bass

Finesse Tactics for Bass

James and Troy Lindner probe weedlines with various finesse tactics, including the venerable jig worm and new techniques like the Neko rig, often...
Slaying Smallmouth on Topwater

Topwater Smallmouth Bass

James and Nick Lindner light the fuse to explosive topwater action on the country’s top trophy smallmouth bass waters, Minnesota’s Mille Lacs...

Big Slop Bass

Catching giant bass in the slop. It takes the right gear coupled with a no-holds-barred mentality to weed ‘em out.

Strike Zone Bass

Al Lindner shares invaluable tips for understanding the largemouth and smallmouth bass strike zone, which can mean the difference between a decent...

Largemouth Bass In Clear Water

Tackling largemouth bass in clear water has it's challenges, however, it can also be as simple as fefining tactics to eliminate any negative cues.
Shadow Rap Bass

Shadow Rappin Bass

Rapala Shadow Rappin Bass   You know jerk baits are one of those lures that we have tied on if we're smallmouth bass fishing every time you go out...

Swim Baits for Smallmouth Bass

James Lindner and Jeremy Smith fish the outer edges of shallow humps for early prespawn smallmouths that have yet to penetrate the shallows....
Big Water Smallies

Big Water Smallmouth Bass

Trophy smallmouth strategies for large lakes.


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