Tokyo Rigging Today

Not only does Tokyo rigging have a phenomenal hooking percentage, but the design is the best for penetrating deep and dense cover. Watch Al and James Lindner spend the day catching deepwater largemouth bass. 

Finesse Factors For Summer Smallmouths

Finesse fishing is an excellent option for catching summer smallmouths staging in their late summer haunts. Watch James Lindner and Jeff Simpson use a variety of finesse tactics to catch big smallies. 

Bullrush Fishing Bass

Bullrush Fishing Bass: James Lindner and Jake Wallace motor into the thick bullrushes to target largemouth bass using heavy jigs and Big Bite Bait soft plastics.

Ice Out Smallmouth Bass

Ice Out Smallmouth Bass can be caught Jerk-trolling Rapala Shadow Rap Deep jerkbaits, in fact, it is one of the best options for catching ice out smallmouth in ultra-cold water.

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