Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty Wide Gap XLS

by | May 24, 2023 | Bass Gear, GEAR

Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty

One piece solid ring connected to a premium rolling swivel allows the bait to move freely above the dropper arm with a natural flowing and undulating action. Standing tall and providing further customization to the best-selling Tokyo Rig, the new VMC Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty Wide Gap XLS gives anglers versatility and strength to battle big bass out of heavy cover. The extra-long 5″ stainless steel dropper arm elevates your favorite softbaits even further off the bottom, putting them at the perfect eye-level of big bass hunkered down in the thickest vegetation, brush, and other forms of cover. Featuring an offset point, the HD Wide Gap Hook is connected by a one-piece solid ring connected to a rolling swivel, giving your baits unmatched action with the best hook-up and landing percentages available. Stepping up the Tokyo Rig game to a new level, the VMC Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty Wide Gap XLS stands above the competition and gives fish a look they have never seen before!

RIGGING RECOMMENDATIONS – Insert your favorite weight and/or bead combinations onto the shaft then bend the end of the shaft with a pair of narrow nose pliers to hold in place.

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