Jerkbaiting Crappie

When people think about crappie fishing, jerkbaiting crappie is not the first presentation that comes to mind. In this must-see episode of Lindner’s Angling Edge, Jeremy Smith and Dr. Matt Parker show you how crankbaits can be equally if not more productive than any other option.

Jerkbaiting is an incredibly effective technique for catching fish, especially when it comes to crappies. Learn the benefits of jerkbaits, how to effectively fish with them, and the equipment you’ll need to get started.

The Power of Jerkbaits

Jerkbaits are a versatile and efficient tool for covering water and catching fish. Whether fishing with live bait or plastic, jerkbaits allow you to quickly search for and locate fish. Unlike other presentations that can be slow and time-consuming, jerkbaits provide an aggressive and effective means of covering water.

Finding the Fish

When using jerkbaits for crappie fishing, it’s important to understand their behavior and movement patterns. Crappies are known to move daily, so being ready to adapt and shift to find the fish is crucial. In this video, the anglers fish a large flat area with gradually tapering weed edges. The fish are spread out, so using jerkbaits allows them to cover more water and locate the active fish.

Transitioning from Live Bait to Plastics

Traditionally, crappie fishing involves using live bait such as crappie minnows or small jigs with minnows or wax worms. However, like walleye fishing, anglers have transitioned from live bait to plastics. This shift has proven successful, as plastics can be just as effective, if not more so, than live bait. By using plastics, anglers can fish more aggressively and catch bigger fish.

The Advantages of Jerkbaits

One of the advantages of using jerkbaits for crappie fishing is their ability to be fished aggressively, even in windy conditions. In this video, the anglers mention how difficult it can be to fish with a cork in windy conditions. With jerkbaits, they can be deployed quickly and aggressively, allowing them to cover more water and increase their chances of catching fish.

Another advantage of jerkbaits is their ability to stay still in the water. Unlike a bait under a cork constantly moving with the waves, a suspending jerkbait can entice fish to strike. This stillness can be especially effective when fish are less active in cold water.

Boat Positioning and Technique

Proper boat positioning is crucial when fishing with jerkbaits. In this video, the angler chooses to hold the bow of the boat into the wind using the spot lock feature on the trolling motor. This allows anglers to work the jerkbaits and effectively control their presentation.

Regarding technique, the anglers mention the importance of the cadence used to work the jerkbaits. They found that a specific snapping motion, rather than pulling the bait forward, was more effective in keeping the bait in place. By experimenting with different cadences and watching the bait closely, anglers can determine the best action to entice fish.

Equipment for Jerkbait Fishing

To effectively fish with jerkbaits, anglers need the right equipment. The angler in the video uses a Saint Croix Legend Elite Panfish rod with light power and extra-fast action. This type of rod allows for precise control and the ability to make the bait dance in place.

For the reel, the angler uses a Procyon LT, which is known for its smooth operation and durable drag system. The 1000 size reel is suitable for smaller jerkbaits.

When it comes to line, the angler uses Suffix Nano Braid in 6-pound test. This braided line provides excellent sensitivity and allows for better control of the bait.

In addition to the mainline, a leader is essential for jerkbait fishing. The angler uses an 8-pound Suffix Invisalign leader, tied with a modified Albright knot. The leader helps prevent bite-offs from larger fish and adds weight to improve the bait’s performance.

The Power of Jerkbaits for Crappie Fishing

Jerkbaits have proven to be incredibly effective for crappie fishing. The anglers in the video catch numerous crappies using jerkbaits, showcasing the power of this technique. The aggressive action of jerkbaits allows anglers to cover more water and locate active fish.

The anglers also emphasize the importance of experimenting with different cadences and watching the bait closely to achieve the desired action. By holding the bait over the side of the boat and observing its movement, anglers can better understand how to replicate that action when casting.

Closing Thoughts

In closing, the anglers express their love for jerkbaits and their effectiveness in catching crappies. They encourage anglers to try holding the bait over the side of the boat to observe its action and replicate it when casting. Jerkbaits are a powerful tool for crappie fishing. They allow anglers to cover more water, locate active fish, and fish aggressively. By understanding the behavior of crappies and experimenting with different cadences, anglers can maximize their success with jerkbaits. With the right equipment and technique, anglers can enjoy a productive and exciting day on the water. So, try jerkbaits and see the difference they can make in your crappie fishing adventures.

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