Trophy Pike

with Jeremy Smith & Mike Hehner

Trophy pike are fascinating creatures. Like sea monsters of the deep—only real—they push anglers to extreme destinations and tactics in search of the once-in-a-lifetime catch.

Once pike reach the 40- to 50-inch pike class, their habitat, diet, and overall attitude are completely different than smaller pike. Big toothy critters patrol grounds or hold court on a structure — like kings of the hill, rulers of the roost —where the best food is most easily attained. 

On the presentation side, each season and situation calls for a different play. Deadbait, livebait, giant plastics, deep-diving crankbaits, and weedless lure options all get used by serious pike-heads. 

Although the pursuit of trophy pike can at times be a grind, the payoff is worth every minute.

Watch the above video, where Jeremy Smith and Mike Hehner experiment with a host of high-probability pike presentations, each angler searching for a new personal best. To find them, the duo merges old and new school tactics, and they use their eyes and electronics to cover water and catch monster fish on a trip of a lifetime. 

Gangler’s Lodge offers access to countless monster-filled waters – where fish pushing 50-inches are possible—on both conventional tackle and on the fly.

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