Suspended Musky

Catching suspended musky in the middle of nowhere is legitimate and logical place to start fishing using today’s electronics.  Location and timing are key. Hunting big fish is an odds game. Put in your time, line up countless variables, and it’s possible to catch giants of all species.

You simply can’t catch fish where they don’t live. Early-season musky fishing is an interesting case in point.

For years, it was generally accepted that North Country musky don’t start biting until the Fourth of July, as summer heatwaves signal the movement of musky to classic shallow-water rock piles and weed beds. 

So where were these fish before the fireworks? Twenty-five to forty-pound fish still have to eat! 

In the past several years, a number of musky fanatics and guides have started to unlock the early-season habits of massive toothy critters… For starters, they’re suspended in what appears to be no-man’s-land…

Seems a little bit like “zombie fishing” at first – with little or no logic to it – just go out into the center of the lake over deep water and cast or troll… But the truth is, big fish don’t wander aimlessly anywhere. They’re on a figurative blood trail, following the best food available.  

Now it’s time for “the rest of the story” on early-season musky.

Hone in on an active food web in deep-water basins, exposing a bread-line of zooplankton, ciscoes and whitefish, and giant predators in for the feed.

 Putting all the variables in their favor, Jim and Josh follow the bait right to big suspended musky – while exploring the importance of specific hard-to-soft bottom transitions.

 Sure, for decades muskie anglers have randomly caught early-season ‘skis over deep water, but what you’re about to see starts to explain the howwhywhen and where of it all.

Mysterious early-season musky can be caught by matching the right presentations to suspended, deep-water fish .


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