Saskatchewan Pike Fishing

Saskatchewan Pike Fishing: Watch Jeremy Smith and Jeff Simpson on a fall fishing adventure to Lawrence Bay Lodge on Reindeer Lake.

Saskatchewan is well known for growing monster fish, including trophy northern pike.

Located in Northern Saskatchewan, Lawrence Bay Lodge on Reindeer Lake offers some of the best trophy northern pike fishing in Saskatchewan. And at approximately 180 miles long — and in some places 60 miles wide — it’s considered one of the top northern pike lakes in the world.

Thousands of islands and miles of shoreline create a seemingly endless number of bays where giant northern pike reside. Because the lake is so far north, with an average depth of around 100 feet, the water stays cool and big pike remains relatively shallow all season long.

Pike have many great qualities, but one of our favorites they are very often in an aggressive mood willing to bite just about anything that passes in front of them. Many of the lures we pack on these trip are tools to target pike based on the habitat they are using.

An all-around big fish producer is the size 12 X-Rap, it’s erratic and suspends. When they are diggin’ a jerkbait bite, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option. Glide baits are another great option when pike prefer erratic presentations is the Twitchin’ Rap.

If the pike happen to be scattered or you need to cover a lot of water, be sure to bring some Size 7 Rippin’ Raps, spinners and spoons.

Pike will bite all the options listed above and more yet plastic are one of the best options because of their versatility. Plastics can be rigged Texaposed and weightless for targeting pike in shallow heavy cover or fished on heavy jigs to target them on deep structures.

We always pack five to seven-inch swimbaits, minnow profiles and tubes on these trips. To rig them we’ll have both the Heavy Duty and HD Weighted Willow Swimbait Hooks from 6/0 up to 11/0 depending on the size of the plastic. For jigs we have the VMC Boxer and Flat Shad Jigs from 3/8 to 1oz. On this trip, like many in late summer and early fall, many of the pike were using deeper weeds. The combo of a 1/2oz Flat Shad Jig with a 6” Big Bite Tube is simply magical. This presentation slithers through cabbage beds and is so simple to fish. It’s become our go-to rig for big pike of the north.

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