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Video: James and Troy Lindner head to Sunset Country in Ontario to target trophy walleyes in the fall using a variety of deep water tactics.

Fall is a fantastic time for trophy walleye fishing. The fish are packed together in deeper water, making it easier to locate and catch them. In this article, we’ll explore the excitement and success of fall walleye fishing in Sunset Country, Ontario.

The Benefits of Fall Walleye Fishing

When you come to Sunset Country in the fall, you’ll experience incredible fishing opportunities. The number of walleye in the lakes is astounding and the abundance of bait provides a great food source, resulting in healthy and well-filled-out fish.

One of the advantages of fall fishing is that the fish are concentrated in specific areas. This makes it easier to target them and increases your chances of success. Whether you’re live bait rigging or trolling with bottom bouncers or three-way rigs, the fish are eager to bite.

The Right Equipment for Fall Walleye Fishing

To maximize your chances of landing trophy walleye, it’s important to have the right equipment. When live bait rigging, using a St. Croix Slip and Rig rod is highly recommended. This rod, with its medium-light power and extra fast action, is perfect for fighting big fish with light line. Pair it with a Daiwa 2500 Regal LT reel, which has a good drag and balances the rod nicely.

For trolling with bottom bouncers or three-way rigs, a 7-foot medium-heavy power rod with a moderate action is ideal. Combine it with a Daiwa Lexa line counter reel to accurately duplicate a given depth pattern. This combo is also suitable for flatline trolling applications.

When jig trolling, a St. Croix Legend Tournament rod is recommended. With its medium power and extra-fast action, it provides the right balance for this tactic. Pair it with a Daiwa Regal LT spinning reel.

Regardless of the tactic, it’s important to use the right line. Spool your reels with 8 to 10-pound Suffix 832 braid and use an 8-pound fluorocarbon leader.

The Joy of Catching Trophy Walleye

Catching trophy walleye in Sunset Country is an exhilarating experience. The fish are not only plentiful but also of impressive size. While not every fish is a monster, the average size is still very impressive. The healthy and well-fed fish make for a great fight and a rewarding catch.

The fall bite in Sunset Country is truly special. The fish are packed together in deeper water, making it easy to locate them. Whether you’re fishing on the tips of points or along the edges, you’ll find plenty of walleye eager to bite. And the best part is, you often have these spots all to yourself, adding to the overall experience.

The Beauty of Sunset Country

Sunset Country in Ontario is a paradise for anglers. With its numerous lakes and diverse fish species, it offers endless fishing opportunities. Whether you’re targeting walleye, muskies, or big pike, you’ll find incredible fisheries throughout the region. The carrying capacity of the lakes in Sunset Country is impressive, with an abundance of walleye and a great forage base.

One lodge that stands out in Sunset Country is Five Lakes Lodge. Owned and operated by Ian Cook, this fully winterized facility offers year-round fishing opportunities. The lodge is located on five main lakes: Gull Rock, Ranger, Two Island, Keg, and Red Lake. These lakes are accessible from the lodge’s docks, making it convenient for guests to explore the area.

At Five Lakes Lodge, conservation is a priority. They are part of the Gull Rock Association, which allows them to protect their large fish population. Walleye over 18 inches and northern pike over 27.5 inches are released back into the lake, ensuring the sustainability of the fishery. For those who want to take a trophy home, the lodge offers replica mounts.


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