Video: James and Al Lindner show how to use jerkbaits, like the Rapala RipStop Deep, to catch walleye. Jerkbait fishing like this for walleye is especially effective during windy days throughout the open water season.

Jerkbaits are key lure options throughout the entire season cold and warm water periods. There are quite a few different jerkbaits on the market that work well to trigger walleye strikes. The RipStop Deep has the same action as the original RipStop — it simply dives deeper. The tail design creates a fast-ripping, flashing swimbait action. Hard-stopping, forward motion stops on a dime, with a subtle shimmy before coming to a rest, then ever so slightly lifts its head with a super slow-rise.

“Jerkbaits are amazing tools and key baits to have in your arsenal. On a long cast with the RipStop Deep,the bait can easily dive to 8- or 9-feet of water, which makes it perfect for fan casting flats and other deeper structure,” says James Lindner. “Having jerkbaits on hand that are capable of diving a variety of depths can make all the difference.”

After casting and reeling the bait down, the retrieve speed and cadence are the next things to figure out. “Sometimes you want to pause it for a period, say 5 to 7 seconds, to trigger the fish biting. Other times, you want to impart a lot of erratic behavior like popping it. Maybe it’s a pop-pop-pop, followed by a pause,” Lindner explains.


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