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Because of the way I close our television shows and have for many, many years, I get an opportunity to do interviews, podcasts, speak at a Sportsman’s Clubs, interview for articles.

I get to talk about the two critical parts of my daily life— my love for fishing and the fishing industry and the Word of God.

These two things are a part of my everyday life, and for over 40 years now, I’ve been extremely passionate about the Bible and things related to history in the Bible. I read many books and magazines, and articles referencing the Bible and historical events and things that have been documented. Read many books by brilliant, brilliant people that know way more than I do about a whole lot of things!

And there are a lot of times even though I’ve been into the Word of God and I read different kinds of Bibles to get slightly different interpretations even though the meaning is still the same. Sometimes, the wording is somewhat different and gives you a little more clarity.

But even today, it is a work in progress. There’s some stuff I don’t understand.

I’ve learned over the years when I get to something that I don’t understand, I don’t sit there and overcomplicate it. It seems that over time, during the gift of life, maybe one, two, three, or five years later, what I didn’t understand suddenly and instantly makes sense to me.

Psalm 131:1

LORD, my heart is not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty: neither do I concern myself in great matters, nor with things too profound for me.

For me, that’s given me a whole lot of peace when I don’t get it. People get into the stuff, have bible meetings and discussions, and lead nowhere because nobody has all the answers.

Over time, I do get the answers. Maybe not all of them, but if I live long enough and keep getting better and better and better in his book and understand how to react and live by faith.

If it’s too profound for you, put it down come back to it later.


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