14 Booklets To Help Shape Your Life

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Many years ago, I met a gentleman by the name of James Grassi. I’m so blessed to work with people like Mr. Grassi, and he had a significant impact on me.

Jim had a real heart for two things: The Bible for one, and reaching men for the word of God to help them deal with the challenges we all face.

He started an organization called let’s go fishing ministry, where I had the opportunity to serve on his board for many years with legendary anglers like Hank Parker, Jimmy Houston, and several other faith faithful believers fishing tackle industry.

Jim eventually started a ministry called “Men’s Ministry
Catalyst.” Again, a genuine heartfelt effort to help men deal with all of life’s challenges.

He also put together 14 little booklets that are gems — little pieces of gold man — on how to deal with issues that we all face:

Prideful Spirit








Man Up

What is discipleship


Coping with stress


These are brilliant little reads that encourage people
 to amend issues that men have to deal with in our lifetimes.

If you are ever interested in knowing more, go to Men’s Ministry Catalyst.

It’s a great reach if you do Bible Studies, work with fishing clubs — you name it. You’ll love it you’ll be blessed by it.



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