First Light

with Al Lindner

In 2003 my brother Ron and I wrote a
book titled first light on water and
it’s a story of our faith and a whole
lot of things that have happened in our
business relationships and how our stand
on God’s Word all worked out in the end
and it was a very successful title and
it’s been sold out for some time now and
recently of the folks from harvest house
contacted Ryan and I to do an updated
version on first light and we’re working
on that right now
a lot of B parts of what was in this
book what we’re adding a bunch of new
chapters to it and I just completed one
of the chapters and it’s titled there’s
no atheists in a foxhole and it’s my
story of my first experience in Vietnam
when I got under fire I was in country a
20 year old kid first time I’m in
country you were in just a short period
of time and was the first time that I
experienced a mortar attack and I jump
into a part finished bunker and I mean
we didn’t have four or five sandbags
layered on it and just me and one other
guy two of us in there
he’s a marine and he’s in one corner and
I’m in the other corner and I hear him
all of a sudden he’s looking up into the
sky and he’s cursing God and he’s saying
things now I don’t have much faith or a
belief in anything about the Lord to any
extent at this period of time in my life
but this was the first time that I cried
out from my heart and know that I called
out the God for help and meant it I was
20 years old I said lord I don’t I got
nothing to do with this guy I don’t want
to be here you bring something down on
him I don’t want to be a victim of
circumstances forgive me I don’t want to
be in this madness a serious at that
very simple prayer but you know what it
was meant from my heart and it was the
first time that I consciously know that
I asked God for help I came to him with
a prayer of meaning from my heart
and it worked and thank God for that I
have to share that with you I get into a
little more detail in that chapter in
the book hey from well is there at the
edge you have a good safe fishin season
we’ll see on water hey I want to take a
moment to thank you for watching and if
you really like what you see we got a
whole lot more so check us out at any
one of these online outlets

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