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Follow Me And I’ll Make You a Fisher of Men

by Feb 5, 2020GET INSPIRED

Have you ever been in a restaurant, or walking through a shopping mall, when you spot somebody and ask yourself: “I wonder what their deal is all about?”

Someplace, sometime, where someone catches your eye, and you are just curious about them. 

I was at a church doing an outreach program, where I talk about fishing in my faith. At the end of the program, a line of people of all ages forms because they want to meet and thank me for coming —plus take a few selfies.

In the very back of the room was an elderly woman staying out of the way of everyone. The small petite little lady stayed off to the right while all the others kept passing through the line for about a half-hour or so.

Eventually, she made her way up to meet me, but she was like the very last one. Very sweet-spirited, very quiet, and very nondescript is the best I can describe here. 

She grabbed my hand and put a little box in my hand and told me that she had this item for 35 years, that it was really important to here, and that God told her to give it to me. 

I put it in my pocket, thanked her, and hugged her.

When I finally got back to my motel room, I took the little box and opened it. Inside is a very old fishhook with the embroidery: Matthew 4:19. 

Follow me, and I’ll make you a Fisher of men. 

To me, that is an important scripture. 

What does it mean in a nutshell? 

I’m a position where I can share a lot of information and reach a lot of people. And I just give God glory in everything I do. Talk about the Bible, the truth, and the power of his word.  

That’s what I do in my daily life and where I go in and when I do it.  

I can’t tell you how many times I think about that little old lady — I really would like to know the rest of her story. Someday I might —but it probably won’t be here on earth. 



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