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At some point in most people’s lives, we all seek ways to improve our lifestyle. For instance, we all want to be more healthy, more secure as far as finances go, and to have a happy, joyful, peaceful life.

And there are all kinds of books you can read — depending on the topic — that offer clues and guidance toward living a better life. My library is full of books that offer up ways you can start to live a better life from the writer’s perspective.

I just finished reading one of my favorite books from the Bible:


If you’ve never read Proverbs, I encourage you to pick up a bible and read it.

Most people have access to the Bible. If you own one and haven’t touch it in a while, blow the dust off at a little bit in your house and go to Proverbs and take a look. Or the next time you are traveling and have nothing to do, look for one in the nightstand right next to where you are going to sleep — and turn to the book of Proverbs.

Proverbs…It’s all right there!

When I finished reading Proverbs, I looked around my library at all the books I spent hours and hours reading.

Still, the book of Proverbs says everything that any of the book’s focal point — almost always in one sentence within Proverbs’ book. One sentence wraps it up!

God’s inspired word is so powerful and offers the answer to everything relating to the challenges in life.



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