Suddenly Mary

by Mar 8, 2021GET INSPIRED

Many of you are familiar with the fact that my wife has gone through some fairly serious health issues over the years.

This last surgery she had was a long time of recovery. Even before that, she could not be left at home alone at night for years — I had to have somebody with her. Given my fishing business job, where I was often out of town, we had to plan accordingly to have somebody here with her.

She had to have her life alerts on and all the different things you do in situations like this. This precautionary lifestyle went on for several years, and as I said, she had her very last surgery, and her recovery was very-very long

Last year — one week before Thanksgiving — I noticed her one day I saw a little perk in her step, a little enthusiasm.

She was eating a little bit better, and every day after that, I was noticing improvements. I didn’t say anything, but I thank the Lord for every good day she was having, day after day.

Then one Saturday, we were having breakfast, and she says to me, “Al, I’d like to go to Ron and Delores, my brother and sister-in-law’s, house for Thanksgiving. Ron’s got seven kids, and they’re going to all be over there with their kids. I mean there’s a whole bunch of people that gather around the Thanksgiving dinner at his house, and she says I’d like to go to see everybody at Thanksgiving.

She’s feeling really good, so we went and spent Thanksgiving there. She ate great and wanted to stay much longer than I thought she would stay and was blessed to see everyone there.

From that day on, she got better and better and better and better! She goes in for regular checkups with her to the doctor. Noteworthy is that the doctors are all looking at they shake their heads. And a couple of doctors that are people of faith and they look, and they said Mary, “Keep on praying — it’s working!!!

I go to a church where they’re not afraid to lay hands on the sick and pray for people to be recovered if that’s the situation, you got a problem, raise your hand, and people from the congregation will pray over you.

In getting healing in her body in line with believing that Jesus is still in the healing business, my wife’s faith level is amazing!! I’ve never seen anybody this strong in my life, and I’m not kidding you. She is one tough little lady at just over 100 pounds. The strongest thing she has is her faith and trust in God.

We believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that prayer from many friends of ours that have prayed for us through this situation in our daily prayer, we stand on the word we come every day, “Thank you Lord this is the day you made we will rejoice and be glad.”

I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is the same today as he was yesterday he’s still in healing business.



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