Fillet a Pike

In our opinion, the northern pike is some of the best table fare that swims in freshwater.

They do get a bad rap because of their skeletal structure the dreaded Y bones while filleting these fish can be easier than you think so here’s a slick way to fillet a pike boneless so that you avoid the Y bones in the fish.

You’ll end up getting a bunch of boneless pieces of meat out of this fish when you’re done.

The first step is to take your knife and cut right behind the head make a downward cut right to the backbone and stop then you cut just in front of the dorsal fin and stop. Then you’re going to take your knife and run it along the backbone and you can hear it cutting through the tips of the Y Bones.

Now when you look at the back of the fish you can see the Y bones which run along from the head to about the dorsal fin.

Next, we’ll take the fish, flip it on its side we’re going to follow our same cuts, and we’re going to make a cut here and are going to run the knife on the top side of the Y bones. (You’ll be cutting over the top of the row of Y bones).

Then you’re just going to fillet like you normally would on each side of the fish. Fillet cuts from the dorsal fin to the end of the tail, and don’t forget to make your cuts around the rib cage.

Now that you know how to fillet a pike you can go out and get yourself a bunch of boneless Pike fillets.

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