Open water whitefish are a blast to catch, but they also make for some pretty good tablefair!

Most of these open water whitefish were caught on Rapala jigging raps and flat jigs fishing over deep water basins and structure. We kept a few of these great eating fish to show you our smoking recipe.

We start with a brown sugar and salt brine and place it not cold water. Make sure to use equal parts and mix it until it dissolves. Then place the fish inside the brine and store inside the fridge for at least eight hours. We generally leave it overnight.

Then remove the fish from the brine and set on your smoker racks and let them air dry for about an hour. Once they have air dried for a bit set your smoker to 180 degrees add your favorite wood chips and smoke for 4 to 5 hours depending on the air temperature.

Once they cool down these smoked fish can be eaten right off the skin put on crackers with or without cheese made in to spread and put on bread or any other way you want to eat them these are truly delicious and versatile fish. Whitefish are truly a great table fare.  

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