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Ask the Pastor is one amazing book. I typically close our television show with something from the Bible, which I believe is God’s inspired word and something that offers hope and inspiration to people’s lives. There’s not a book ever written or produced that offers more hope than the Bible — pure and simple.

I get a lot of letters and a lot of emails and people send me books and things to read. Interestingly, you’d be amazed at how many people reaching out are in a full-time ministry, and some of them would shock your worldwide ministries that watch our show and love to fish. I’m amazed at how many people are in ministry full-time who also love to fish!

One book I was sent is called “Ask the Pastor” written by Pastor Gordon McGee.

He pastored a small church in Menach, Wisconsin for many many years and he also wrote a weekly column in a local newspaper for years. The column addressed theological questions from one small town. He answered questions from the people that would send in some tough, tough questions about the Bible and how they look at it in his perspective.

Just some of the subject matter:

Angels, animal care as Christians, agnostic, atheism, baptisms, Christian church disciple, communion, creation and evolution, cults, demons, discipleship and living a Christian life, divorce, and remarriage, doctrine, evangelism and salvation, faith, family, forgiveness, gambling, heaven, hell, holidays, Israel, Jesus, life after death, marriage, miracles and healing, money and giving, new-age parenting, prayer, prophecy, revival, sin, spiritual gift, spiritual scams, suffering, the Bible, the character of God, the church, the crucifixion and resurrection, the devil, the Holy Spirit, the temple, the trinity…….

He got chapters on all of these are questions!!

Questions that people have been asking since the beginning of time. The guy was so anointed — I’ve never read a book like this it’s 392 pages!

Every evening when I got home, I would read more and more of these letters.

My world revolves around fishing the fishing industry and the Bible. I love reading anything. Being Christian is my whole world. I got into this book, and I’ve never seen anything like it! If you’re in a full-time ministry or fascinated with the Bible and the challenge and questions you pose in life — you want to get this book. Ask the Pastor by Gordon McGee a phenomenal life-changing read!

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