Don't run from God

Don’t Run From God, Run To Him

by Jan 25, 2023GET INSPIRED

Every year, Al Lindner accumulates emails from viewers of his closings of the Angling Edge show, and one of them recently caught his attention.

A man wrote to him about his 46-year-old wife, who is suffering from liver and kidney failure and has been in the hospital for two months. He asked for advice and prayers, as he is struggling with faith and was feeling overwhelmed.

Al Lindner has been a man of deep conviction and has shared his own testimony about his wife’s health issues and how prayer got them through. He has a message for this man, and all of us, about how to stay strong in the face of adversity.

Pray and Don’t Run From God

Al Lindner’s message is simple: Don’t run from God, run to Him. He encourages us to come to God in prayer and to trust that He will answer our cries. He also reminds us that God loves us and cares about us, no matter what we are going through.

Al knows that this man’s journey will be an ongoing conversation for months ahead, and he is ready to help him through it. He also encourages us all to pray for this man and his family, and to remember that there are people all over the world who are dealing with tough situations.


Al Lindner’s message is one of hope and faith. He reminds us that God is always there for us, and that He will answer our prayers. He encourages us to stay strong in the face of adversity and to remember that we are never alone. We can all take comfort in knowing that God is with us, and that He will help us through our toughest times.



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