In Loving Memory of Ron Lindner

In Loving Memory of Ron Lindner

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In Loving Memory of Ron Lindner

If you’re a follower of everything we do at Linder Media Productions, you know that my brother Ron went home to be with the Lord on November 30th, 2020.

Ron’s legacy is unbelievable. He was ten years older than me. That said, he was my best friend, fishing buddy, my business partner, and my big brother — he watched over me my entire life. We had a phenomenal relationship and spent our lives together while here on earth—such a blessing.

After his passing, as the following year went on, we received so many emails and messages and things that Ron did in his life that positively touched human lives all over the world. Actions and initiatives that he took, including some things we never knew about! He was so moved to help people, including people struggling with drug and alcohol issues.

He was a talented and intelligent person who took the time to learn about every religion in the world. It wasn’t uncommon for him to be simultaneously engaged in three different books, ready to discuss any religion. He knew it all.

The letters just kept coming in the mail. One day, a letter came in the mail from Beirut, Lebanon:

“Greetings from Middle Eastern Lebanon. First of all, please accept my belated condolences about your brother Ron’s passing away. May the Lord continue to comfort you and the entire family while rejoicing that he is now in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus in heaven.

In Loving Memory of Ron Lindner

I was amazed at Ron’s knowledge of all things — but even that of Lebanon and its people. When he was attending Heritage Church, we had discussions, and I was home itinerating. He was an inspiration and a blessing to others at many different levels.

Your media coverage has helped me retain my sanity in a turbulent area of the world.

I grew up in rural Minnesota on a river in a lake, but God’s call has taken me to many places around the globe over 37 years and as a missionary.

There are times I need to be renewed, and watching your programs grant me a reprieve from the daily realities here.”

I was so blessed when I read this.

I can picture my brother sitting there with this gentleman, getting the different bibles and beliefs out and spreading them all over the table; look at this…this what they believe…this is what the Bible of Jesus Christ. What this says, compared to what these say. Does this make sense to you or doesn’t it?

I mean that’s the way he operated.

My dearest friend, my brother, my compadre my business partner you are missed my brother; you are missed, but you are also blessed, and you left a legacy that touched many people’s lives worldwide.

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Ron Lindner 1934-2020



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