Look Out Your Window

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We all know about the crazy real estate market of the last few years, and many of us have been encouraged to consider selling our homes. Al Lindner is no exception. After his wife passed away, he began to seriously consider downsizing and simplifying his life. He looked at 14 different places, but nothing felt quite right.

Then, in his morning prayer time, Al had a revelation. He realized he already had two of the most important criteria he was looking for: convenience and solitude. He just had to look out his window.

Convenience and Solitude

Al knew he wanted a place that was close to town, his office, his church, and other amenities. He also wanted some acreage and space around him. He was frustrated that he couldn’t find a place that met both criteria, but then he had his revelation.

“In my time talking to the Lord, I’m complaining a little bit in the morning why can’t I find where I’m going through it should I do the sort of and it’s like that little tug you know it wasn’t inaudible from Heaven kind of deal it’s just why don’t you just look out your window.”

Al realized he already had the perfect place. He thanked God for blessing him with his home and the place he lives in.


Al Lindner’s story is a reminder that sometimes the answer is right in front of us. We don’t always have to look far for the perfect place. We just have to look out our window.



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