Mid-Summer Largemouth

with James Lindner & Dan Quinn

Largemouth bass are unquestionably one the most sought-after American sportfish. There are an estimated 30 million bass anglers in North America. In recent years the most dramatic growth in bass fishing has been driven by high school and collegiate bass fishing teams. Tactics and techniques across the country range from big and bold to extreme finesse and everything in between. One vitally important aspect of bass fishing is lure selection.

The best lure selection is often associated to the cover the fish are in and their mood. Weeds are excellent habitat for largemouth bass. In many clear water lakes of the north country, weeds grow in as deep as 20 feet of water. Crankbaits are great baits to comb vast acres of grass fast. Let’s join James Lindner and Dan Quinn with some unique insights on rip cranking weeds for bass.

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