For Me: Nothing Else Makes Sense

with Al Lindner

I wish I had time to read you all of the emails that I get regularly — I get some doozies. The one I’m going to talk about today came from a man who has had to deal with some extreme challenges in life.

Believe me! Some of the things he wrote about were tough to read about — most of us would never deal with the things that this guy had to deal with in life.

After explaining his experiences, he asked: Why do you (Al) believe in God?

After I read his question, my first response was: Because nothing else makes sense to me.

It’s important to note: That wasn’t always the case in my life.

Until I was in my mid-30s, I didn’t spend much time thinking about God. I wasn’t an atheist; I wasn’t an agnostic. I felt there was a God, but I didn’t care much about what he did, where he was, or how it impacted my life.

The truth is, my ENTIRE world was FISHING, and that’s all I cared about, period — nothing else.

I was obsessed with fishing.

I’ve seen a lot of things in my life. I fought a war in Vietnam, experienced and witnessed many challenges that people face in life. Something started to get a tugging in my heart to look at the things of God, and I started looking at the different religions, the founders, and the foundations.

Then, I got to the Bible, and it makes the most sense.

And here is an important step: I opened myself up, let my guard down, and after two years, one night at 9:15 pm, I turned my life over to the Lord.

I bent my knee, told Jesus that I was sorry for my sins and the things that I had done wrong in my life, and I asked the Lord to come into my life, turning my life over to him I just made a simple confession of faith
and I got into the word of God the Bible at that point
and I haven’t put it down since.

For the last 40 years of my life, the Lord has been faithful, revealing to me so many things. The truth and power in this word if you’re willing to open your heart and mind.

The best advice I can give people who are dealing with the aches and broken heart and all the other things we all have to deal with here on earth, God is the only one that can solve that issue for you. He can take that pain away.

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