OG Largemouth

with Al Lindner

Have you ever thought about who invented a specific lure or how a fishing technique evolved?

For instance, Lori Rapala hand-carved the Rapala minnow in the 1940s — to feed his family in Finland. That exact same lure has become the best-selling fishing lure of all time!

Angling techniques, rigs, and lures are often born regionally out of creative need and necessity.

For example, the Texas rig was simply a way to fish plastic worms through cover without snagging.

The drop-shot system was created in Japan as a way to present finesse baits to finicky bass. Today, the same rig is now used worldwide for all different species of fish.

New concepts like spin-baits and blade-jigs have come onto the scene and are blending into the fishing world. At the same time, constant improvements and tweaks are being made to existing popular lures.

Let’s join Al Lindner for some insight into flat-sided crankbaits that evolved from the garages of custom balsa crankbait craftsman in eastern Tennessee.

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