Prayer Guide

Prayer Guide

by Aug 30, 2011GET INSPIRED

Most of you that are watching this likely believe in the power of prayer and probably pray regularly.

Recently I received a card from a ministry that’s been a real blessing to me.

It’s called a prayer guide, and I just want to share part of it with you.

It says: The keys to answered prayer.

Does that get your attention?

Start off with thanking God for the blessings in your life you praise them you confess your sins you lay hold of his promises the Bible’s filled with those praying a spirit praying in Jesus name.

Avoid praying with vain repetitions. That means words that aren’t backed with a heart-belief behind them.

Praying an agreement with other people, other believers.

Then this one moved me: Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but laying hold of his willingness.

I added one more scripture to this and it’s Matthew 21:22

And whatever things you ask in prayer believe you will receive them.

I had to share that with you. I use this as a guide almost every single day.



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