Questions From A Fishing Trip

with Al Lindner

Today I want to talk about Questions From One Fishing Trip.

I was fishing with a couple of guys that had won a day on the water with me at a fundraising banquet and we had a great time we caught a bunch of bass had a great time.

At the end of the day, the guy had one of our First Light books with him he asked me if I would sign it.  Out on the water, he’s asking you a bunch of questions, one of what was: “What motivated you and your brother to write First Light on the Water?”

It’s an interesting question. And believe it or not, I was never asked that exact question —and the book was written in 2003.

Here is the answer why we wrote that book, and why I do many of the closes like you see on this television show.

Here is a letter that is short and sweet from a guy named Chris.

“I bought your book first light on the water I always enjoyed your shows, but I only glanced through it well I just got back from four days in the hospital recovering from attempted suicide, I read the book multiple times while recovering it has changed my life.

Now I know I have so much more to live for.

“Thank you.”

That’s the reason that I do these inspirational closes. And it’s the reason why these books were written from our hearts.

The impact that we’ve had on people’s lives is astronomical, and I don’t take that blessing for granted.

Every single day I thank the Lord for the opportunity to do what I do.

About First Light On the Water:

When Al and Ron (two young brothers and best friends), left the city to pursue jobs in the sportfishing world, they had no idea what God had lined up for them.

Now with long, successful careers doing the very thing they love, the two have shared their faith-filled insights in Reflections at First Light. This beautiful gift book edition contains excerpts from that book, stunning outdoor photography, and inspiring quotes–a beautiful compilation of fishing lore for everyone who enjoys morning’s first light on the water.

Turn the page and enjoy a moment at the river’s edge. As the fog lifts and the sun rises over the distant hills, cast your line, wait for the bite…and witness the glory of God.

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