Skinny Water Bass

with Al & James Lindner

VIDEO: Al and James Lindner break out the bass gear for an epic shallow-water largemouth bass run on a Midwestern natural lake.

Some of the most fun fishing you can have any time of year is when fish are shallow. Largemouth bass are no exception. In the early season, skinny water can present some real roll up your sleeves stuff—pursuing bass where they have nowhere else to go but up.

It’s power fishing, put the pedal to the metal and chunk and wind.

The name of the game? Look in the shallows for aggressive fish that want to bite.  And in these conditions — watch them bite!

This presentation tactic can work in the spring, summer, or fall… but sometimes are better than others.

In the North Country, not too long after ice-out is a perfect time period with many fish seeking warmer water and the forage pushed into shallow depths. The cover is generally sparse and horizontal moving baits have a tendency to work very effectively: spinnerbaits, swim jigs, swimbaits, shuddering baits, and the like.

And hey, let’s face it, after a long winter, it’s just nice to get back out on the water and cast, and catch, no matter what the species is.

With spring starting to warm the shallows, the duo finds bass seeking out warmer water temps and the food pushed into the same locations. Definitely the recipe for some fun early-season action, as they chase skinny water bass.

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