Smallmouth Bass in Quetico Provincial Park

VIDEO: Al and Dan Lindner head north to Ontario’s Quetico Provincial Park with one goal front and center—and that’s to boat some big ol’ bronzebacks!

Over the last 30 years the range of smallmouth bass has exploded across the U.S. and Canada… And along the way, the feisty fighter has earned the respect of many anglers.

Their aggressive nature, elusive attributes, and straightforward pulling power has lured many Southern anglers into the very heart of smallmouth bass country – Ontario’s Quetico region, a veritable wonderland filled with these fish – both numbers and size – a place that ranks among the very top smallmouth waters on the entire continent.

Watch as they roam the shallows. to a bit deeper, working flats, humps, points, islands, and all forms of rocky structure… in search of one of canadas most prized rewards… ravenous and rod-bending smallies in da’ quetico.

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