The Palomar Knot

How To Tie The Palomar Knot

Is the Palomar Knot The single best fishing knot? Many anglings believe that it’s the best overall performing knot on the planet. It’s easy to tie, which also means that it’s hard to mess up, which makes replicating the perfect Palomar knot pretty easy. And when that happens, it has been tested time and again to have 100-percent knot strength. It’s the best knot for attaching lures to Braided lines.

There are several ways of getting the same job done, but here’s how we like to tie the best knot in the world.

Thread your line through the line tie, then thread it back through in order to create a loop on one side of the line tie. With braided line or larger line-ties, you can simply double over the line and thread it through the line tie.

Next, tie a simple overhand knot with the doubled line.

Now pass the hook or lure through the loop.

Lubricating the knot with saliva or water reduces friction in the line before pulling the knot tight.

Pull the main line and the tagline simultaneously with your other hand to secure the knot.

The final knot should be secure on the top of the line-tie.

Again, the Palomar knot is easy to tie, so it’s perfect for beginners to learn and be confident they are using one the strongest knots ever created. Expert anglers use the knot for many situations because they are confident it won’t break.

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