The Pop-Ups of Life

with Al Lindner

The Pop-Ups of Life

I want you to imagine yourself coming off of a magnificent weekend with family and friends. You were probably out fishing and had a memorable bite to go along with it! Now the weekend is over, and you’re getting ready Monday morning to go to work. You got the whole week planned out; everything’s been great, and you have your entire week planned out perfectly to get stuff done.

Then, you walk through the door, and everything is moving in all directions, left to right, up, down! By the end of the first day, your head is spinning. Typically you are reacting to something somebody else did, or worse yet, something somebody else didn’t do! That impacts you, and you have to deal with it. You’re up in the middle of the night, asking the Lord how I will get all this stuff handled and done. Sometimes it’s mind-blowing and feels like it’s more than you can take.

I’ve had a few of those days in my life — a few too many.

How about you? Can you relate to some of those situations? I’m sure most of you can.

Here are a few ways to deal with what my friend Tom and I call the Pop-Ups of Life. I learned to depend on the Word. I go to the Word for everything I have, every situation and challenges in life. The Word of God in the Bible. I know I can do all things through Christ, who strengthened me, guided by his Holy Spirit.

It’s this simple: Matthew 6:34, Refuse to worry about tomorrow, but deal with each challenge that comes your way one day at a time.Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Focusing on that has helped me deal with the pop-ups of life.


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