Trust God

Trust God

by Jan 6, 2022GET INSPIRED

Trust God

What happens when you choose to believe, to Trust God?

You’ll see I got all kinds of spots marked in my book, but there’s one part, in particular, a chapter that is worth looking at a little deeper, and it’s pretty pertinent to today for a lot of reasons.

God isn’t through with you yet, even if you failed in life in many things — like most of us have.

My purpose is not to blame you or lay some guilt trip on you about this, but rather to point out that we sometimes believe that God is finished with us because we’ve been caught incorrectly in the past, or we don’t understand how God works.

Much of what you believe God desires for you to do is based upon what you’ve come to believe about God through the years.

What is your understanding of God today?

Do you see God as a loving father or a demanding judge?

Do you see God as an intimate friend or a distant acquaintance?

Do you see God as the patient, gentle teacher or an intolerant and angry God?

Do you see God as the faithful companion or someone who comes and goes from your life?

Do you see him as a generous provider or a stingy God?

Do you see God as understanding you thoroughly and yet loving you completely?

Do you see him as removed and conditional in his acceptance of you?

The way you regard God will determine to a great extent what you believe God desires to do in your life.

Do any of these things resonate with you were you touched by any of them?

Personally, how do you see God? Give it some thought this week!



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