VMC Boxer Jig Head

by | Jun 15, 2023 | GEAR

VMC Boxer

The VMC Boxer Jig Heads feature a traditional “boxing glove” head design – ideal for jigging or swimming small to medium-sized swimbaits. A premium 1x strong needle point hook complete with a forged shank, high-carbon steel construction, and traditional round bend delivers excellent hooking capabilities. The VMC Boxer Jig Heads also come equipped with realistic 3D eyes and molded-in bait keeper to lock swimbaits such as the Storm Largo Shad firmly in place. The ideal jighead for Umbrella rigs and single small to medium-sized swimbaits, the Boxer Jig Head is the perfect addition for any angler.

  • 4 Per Pack
  • 3 Per Pack (3/4 oz)
  • Traditional “Boxing Glove” Head Design For Jigging Or Swimming An Artificial Or Live-Bait Presentation
  • 1X Strong VMC Hook in Varying Sizes Based on Jig Head Weight
  • Hi Carbon Steel
  • Forged Shank
  • Ideal for small to medium swimbaits fished solo or on Umbrella rigs

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