Have you ever had difficulty understanding the Bible? You’re not alone. Al Lindner shares a scripture from Ecclesiastes 8:16-17 that explains why it can be so hard to make sense of it.

“When I determined to load up on wisdom and examine everything taking place on Earth, I realize that if you keep your eyes open day and night without blinking, you’ll never figure out the meaning of what God is doing on this Earth search as hard as you like you’re not going to make sense of it no matter how smart you are you won’t get to the bottom of it.”

In this scripture, Solomon, considered the wisest and richest man ever to live, explains that making sense of God’s plan is impossible. He encourages us not to complicate it and to focus on faith-filled prayer.

Faith-Filled Prayer

Faith-filled prayer is what moves God, not vain repetitions. It is essential to believe what you are saying and to make sure it is coming from your heart, not your head. When you have faith-filled prayer, God will answer it.

Access Through God

We have access to God’s word to tell us how to live a faith-filled life and make life easier in all the circumstances we face. Al Lindner encourages us not to try to make sense of it because we will not figure it out.


God is God, and we are human. We have access to God through faith-filled prayer and His word. Al Lindner reminds us that we will never be able to make sense of God’s plan, but we can trust that He will answer our faith-filled prayers.

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