Father Figures

by Jan 12, 2022GET INSPIRED

It was the year 2020, and what a dumpster fire of a year for everyone.

For me, it was the year my father passed away, and I had several close friends pass away unexpectedly as well.

COVID-19 has affected everybody, the family, the distance from people, your kids, relationships — it was just an explosion all over the place.

Going through all this stuff, I realized how much I love my Dad and miss him dearly.

Some of the silly things my Dad did — like just barging into your office or eating off your plate —are all the little things I miss the most.

Ever since I was old enough to travel with him, I would be on the water with him, going on trips sometimes for two to three weeks. I was fortunate to spend an immense amount of time learning from him. He was so well-read. Ask him, who was Abraham from the Bible, and he’d tell you about Abraham.

It was just a blessing knowing my Dad, and I cherish every day I spent with him. But no matter how much time you get to spend with them, it never really seems like enough.

Naturally, one of the commandments, the fifth commandment, says Honor your father and mother.

Most people’s biggest regret after someone passes away is that they wish they had spent more time with that particular loved one.

Something to think about.




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