Power of Hope

The Power of Hope

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This book is titled The Power of Hope, and it says right on the cover, “Let God renew your mind heal your heart.”

I want to read you one paragraph that was important to me personally — something I could relate to many times when my wife Mary was dealing with multiple heart issues throughout her beautiful life.

Death and life are in the power of your words. Make sure the words you speak are life producing words.

Several years ago, my brother was allowed to witness an open heart surgery.

During the procedure, the patient’s heart had been stopped from beating. When it came to restarting it, the medical staff could not get the heart beating again — despite repeated attempts. Finally, although the patient was unconscious, the surgeon leaned over and spoke into the patient’s ear,

“We need your help! We can’t get your heart started. Tell your heart to start beating.

Incredibly at that instant, the patient’s heart began to beat again.

Words are powerful.

Even when hearing them subconsciously, though obviously unconscious, this patient heard the words.

Her spirit gave the command, and her heart began to beat.

Yours can beat again too, and something as simple as speaking can help it start.

This was so personal to me because my wife had three surgeries. Ahe’s got a mechanical heart, a mechanical valve, and two tissue valves. She had a pacemaker in the upper and lower chamber. We were dealing with situations like this numerous times, and several times inside the operating room or outside the operating room in the ICU unit where I would cry out and confess scripture.

There is power in the Word of God. There’s no other book in the world that has more power.



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