Tokyo Rigging Walleye


VIDEO: Watch Jeremy Smith and James Lindner with a little primer on Tokyo rigging for walleye.

Tokyo Rigging Walleye is the real thing. To consistently catch freshwater and saltwater fish, you must understand your target species’ nature, including their seasonal movements, preferred habitat, and forage preferences.

Today, many lures and rigs are designed for given species and situations. The fact is, many lures and rigs have great crossover applications to multiple species. Walleye can’t tell the difference between a walleye bait or bass bait if it’s about the right size and moving in the correct depth at the right speed — it’s fair game!

A great example would be the lowly Ned rig, a simple small stick worm that catches fish. Smallmouth, largemouth, walleye, and panfish. It’s a bite-size snack the moves slowly, and fish just can’t resist it.

Another lure that has become popular amongst anglers across the country is the swimbait. From its humble beginnings, swimbaits now come in sizes from 1-inch sizes for panfish to 12-inch models that appeal to the largest predators and everything in-between.

The newest rig in bass angling is the Tokyo Rig. Initially designed for fishing heavy weed cover, anglers have since applied Tokyo rigging tactics to different species and angling situations.

Tokyo Rig Walleye


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