Walleye Cheeks and Wings

Typically when most people fillet walleyes they fillet off the sides and then are done, but they’re leaving out a really good part of the fish — the walleye cheeks and wings.

They are a little firmer than the regular walleye fillet and you can cook them in many different ways. Personally I like to use them as an appetizer.

When it comes to filleting the cheek it is super easy. All you do is come around one side of the cheek and go around the other making a circle. Then all you do is you just take your knife and take it right down to the meat and that meat slides right off the skins.

It really gives you a nice chunk of meat and if you have a couple walleyes you can actually get a pretty nice pile of meat going. 

Now for the walleye wings. The reason it is called the walleye wing is because you keep the fins attached. 

You fillet it by making a cut at a 45 degree angle towards the fin starting at the base of the gills. Then you make a 45 degree cut behind the fins connecting the two cuts. 

When you go to cook the walleye kings you can batter the whole piece fins and all and place it in the fryer. The fins actually crisp up really nice and its a great combo of meat with a little crispy crunch. 

Between the walleye wings and the cheeks off the walleye, look how much meat is on there and all the meat you have not been taking advantage of. Next time you are cleaning a few walleyes make sure to take the wings and cheeks too. You won’t be sorry!

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