Weather Walleyes

Weather walleye succes often hinges on quality boat control. The weather has always been a critical factor in fishing success. Realistically most anglers prefer bluebird skies, with little to no wind. But today, with high-tech clothing, comfortable boat seats, and technologies like Minn Kota’s Spot-Lock, fishing windy and inclement weather has gotten much, much more manageable.

That’s excellent news for walleye anglers because wind and walleyes are a recipe for a great bite. If you’ve got the gusto to weather the elements, the wind stirs everything up, gets baitfish moving, and walleyes on the hunt. There’s no better time to get out and chase ol’ marble-eyes.

ABOVE VIDEO: Al and James Lindner do just that, breaking out the walleye gear for a mid-summer run for in central Minnesota even though the wind’s up and a lot of anglers would stay home. They find loads of fish willing to bite despite Mother Naturw and success jerkbaitin’ as their primary tactic.

weather walleye

What is the most popular button on i-Pilot and Link? The one with the anchor on it! That’s Spot-Lock, the game-changing GPS anchor. Just push it, and Spot-Lock uses GPS to lock your boat onto your fishing spot more accurately than anything else on the water.


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