River Smallmouth Bass

with Al & Dan Lindner

VIDEO: Al and Dan Lindner chase chunky mid-summer river smallmouth bass in a Midwestern river and discover loads of fun!

River Run Smallies

What rivers lack in width, they most certainly make up for in the amount of water that passes through them.

And they have a vast carrying capacity as home to a wide variety of fish species – panfish, walleyes, saugers, white bass, pike, musky, sturgeon — the list goes on.

Let’s not forget bass, in this case, smallmouth bass, which goes hand in hand with rivers of all sizes like peanut butter and jelly.

Yes, rivers and smallies are the perfect combination because it seems like no matter the conditions, you can always find some productive water to fish on a river.

Al and Dan Lindner hit a Midwestern river in mid-summer to chase smallmouth bass, absolutely one of the most fun freshwater fish that swims.

From topwaters to spinnerbaits, swimming boot-tails and other soft plastics, aggressive river run smallmouths are often willing to take what’s offered to them. The biggest challenge is often finding where they are locoated — or relocated — near boulders, rock piles, laydowns, current breaks and seams


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