Breaking Down Lake Vermilion Minnesota

with Al Lindner & Billy Rosner


Al Lindner and Billy Rosner dissect the giant Lake Vermilion, Minnesota, and give us some locational tips while catching walleye.

Walleye, Walleye, Walleye.

In the north country, walleye hold a special place in many anglers’ hearts—the reason why can sometimes be a mystery.

The truth is walleye are unique fish species.

Moody, to say the least.

Walleye are real roamers that live in shallow weeds on deep rocks and even suspend. To catch them with any consistency, you have to versatile.

While many anglers still bank on live bait rig and jig systems to catch them, many more seasoned anglers have changed their tune, using more extreme artificial measures with aggressive speed to trigger this finicky fish. Presentation is one part of the walleye puzzle.

One of the most significant aspects of walleye fishing is finding them. Let’s join Al Lindner and Guide Billy Rosner as they break down Lake Vermilion Minnesota for walleye.

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