Daiwa Laguna LT Spinning Reel

by Jeff Simpson

For anglers searching out their next reel that offers a high level of performance to value, Diawa’s Laguna LT was built for you. Abbreviated “LT” for “light” and “tough”, the Laguna LT offers everyone from panfish and trout anglers to bass, walleye, and inshore a solution that won’t leave your wallet empty.

In terms of application, the Laguna is available in six sizes – all the way from a pocket-sized 1000 model for panfish and smaller freshwater fish to the LAGUNA LT5000-C, which fits the bill for inshore applications and larger freshwater fish pursuits.

The reels feature a carbon frame, ABS aluminum spool, as well as DIGIGEAR® technology. DIGIGEAR means machined, digitally cut gears that are polished to increase smoothness and gear meshing. Daiwa’s Laguna LT is also considerably more resistant to wear than similarly priced models.

Anglers will also notice that the new Laguna LT family is lighter than earlier models. Likewise, the aesthetics have been improved – the reels are an attractive silver and gold, sure to match any rod choice.
The Laguna LT also features a machined aluminum handle.

Retail:  $39.99 – $49.99

Laguna LT Features:

• LT Light Tough
• ABS Aluminum Spool
• Machined Aluminum Handle
For budget-conscious freshwater and inshore anglers looking for their next spinning reel, look no further than the Laguna LT, a reel engineered and manufactured with the needs of the everyday angler in mind.


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